” The College aims to impart Holistic and Scientific Education with Global Standards to the Student Community making them trust-worthy and responsible citizens of India”


We are committed

To create and maintain an environment of excellence in education through technological advancements, effective pedagogy and methods of evaluation

To develop knowledge citizens with multidisciplinary global competencies

To integrate in the students the ennobling virtues of truth, fairness, tolerance and co-operation that     lead them to serve the underprivileged

To sensitize the Josephine’s with a sense of appreciation of traditional and cultural inheritance of the nation

To provide life skills for a successful career, home and society

To Generate, Disseminate and Preserve Knowledge through Quality Education.

To Provide Scientific Teaching, Creativity and Scholarship to the Students.

To Correlate theoretical and applied education with Tie-ups with Industry.

To Develop a High Sense of Ethical and Professional Behavior among the Students.