Department of Statistics: History, Vision and Mission


The Department of Statistics was established during the academic year 1990 with Mathematics, Economics and Statistics (M.E.S) group and in the year 2012 with Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science (M.S.Cs) group.


To create awareness to become an enlightened skilled citizen with commitment to deliver liability with the range of best afford rights and privileges. 


To educate student to achieve good knowledge in statistics and enable then to choose a profession to carry and utilize the subject matter for the welfare of society.

The Department Of Statistics was established during the academic year 1990 with U.G programmes.

degree in statistics equips you with strong data analysis and manipulation skills. You have the opportunity to complete data collection and numerical measurements, undertake project work and give presentations, which develop both your subject specific and more general skills.

S.No. Staff Details Designation Profile
 1  K . BHAVANI   HOD  Download

B.Sc Statistics 2016-17 PDF – Download

B.Sc-Statistics PDF – Download

Statistics 2017-18 to 2022-23 Result Analysis Document – Download

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