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The Department of History started in the year 1990 with two groups (H.P.P and H.E.P), Sri P.rameshGaru was head of the department from 1990 to 1994. He was a very dedicated faculty for the success and excellence of the HISTORY Department 

Smt A.V.Ramana joined the Department in 1994 and became the Head of the Department of History in 1998 through six men committee selection 

In 1999 introduced a new course group combination of E.H.P (English, History, politics) under a new principal Capt. K.Rama Chandraiah is still the history department successfully conducting with sufficient students under H.O.D History, The Department of History works in good support to students with excellent 


  1. To encourage students to prepare for competitive exams
  2. To provide good learning   skills
  3. To support the students in developing their future education
  4. To give self-confidence and a good attitude 

Profile of the department

The excellent services of the Teaching Staff in the history department who have provided their valuable services for the development of the department mentioned 


S.NO Name of the designation  Educational qualification  Period of service     Profile
1 Sri P.Ramesh M.A ( B L ) 1990-1994           –
2 Smt.A.V.Ramana  M.A,M.Phill 1994 – Still date Download


Present faculty: Smt.A.V.Ramana who was appointed as a lecturer in 1994 and she was selected as permanent lecturer in 1998 and appointed Vice-Principal.In 2005 she was selected for M.Phil programme, in 2011 to pursue an M.Phill in Acharya Nagarjuna University Tittle of the  M.phill    thesis in “Civil Disobedience “ movement in Andhra Pradesh.

co’s of history 20-21 Document – Download

History course outcome 2017 Document – Download

BA History 2016-17 PDF – Download

BA-HISTORY-2020-21 PDF – Download

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