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The Department Of Physics was established during the academic year 1990 with the aim of bringing young talent in rural area in the field of Physics with the support of philanthropic management, talent and well experienced faculty, library, seminar hall. The department already produced 20 successful batches to the society. In the year 1990, a course in B.Sc., with Physics, Mathematics ,Computer Science and Electronics was started.

Physics laboratories:

The 1200 square feet Modern Physics Laboratory Equipped with high precision instruments ( Spectrometers, He-Ne Gas Laser, High tension Magnetic field up to 5000 Kilo Gausses and etc…)conducting more than 100 experiments every year.

The 1200 square feet Electronics laboratory sophisticatedly equipped with apparatus capable to conduct many experiments in electronics, communication electronics, and in microprocessors and micro controllers.

The 2000 square feet fully furnished library provided with internet facility ,helping the students in providing knowledge base.


In order to establish a foundation for excellence and encourage the institution’s development as a premier institution, igniting and promoting enthusiasm, interests, and passion for the study of physics in professional courses and as a part of the curriculum.


  • Students ought to be able to… after taking a physics course.
  • Show that they are familiar with the fundamental scientific concepts, skills, and principles.
  • The provision of high-quality required courses for programs is the objective of the physics department.
  • Utilize acquired skills, quantitative methods, and scientific reasoning to solve problems.
  • Communicate scientific concepts effectively and clearly.

Department Profile

Name Of the Department: PHYSICS

Year of the Established:1990

Names of the U.G Courses offered: 02

B.Sc., :Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry

B.Sc., :Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science

No. of Certificate Courses/Add-on Courses:01



  • Students were not allowed to class after 10 minutes of starting of class
  • Usage of Mobile phones strictly prohibited in class rooms by students and Lecturers as well
  • Maintenance of Cleanliness and Silence in Class room is the primary duty of Students.
  • Students Will be fined/punished for indiscipline and violation of Classroom Code.
  • Class representatives will be nominated for each class by concerned Class Counselor, Class representative will act as a bridge and bring the voice of the class to Class Counselor, Department in charge and principal.
  • Class Representative will look after the discipline and other issues in the gap between classes. They will collect the assigned works by the Lecturers from students of concerned class.


  • Students must adhere to the safety measures while doing experiments in laboratory.
  • Students must complete the previous lab work before attending lab hour and get signature of the concerned lecturer before leaving.
  • Timely completion of record work is mandatory to attend practical exam.
  • Minimum 90% attendance is must for a student to attend practical exam. Student must handle lab equipment with care and prevent damage.
  • While doing Electricity experiments student must familiar with proper connection of circuits to avoid any unforeseen electric shock and damage
S.No. Staff  Details Designation Profile
2 B.LAKSHMANA KUMAR Senior Lecturer  Download
3 CH.SRIKANTH   Lecturer  Download 



  • In charge of the Department
  • Class Work
  • IQAC coordinator
  • Additional chief superintendent
  • Chairperson of Departmental Meetings
  • Convener certificate course
  • Time Table preparation and approval
  • Chairperson of Board of Studies Meetings(certificate course)
  • Subjects Distribution
  • Syllabus completion and Class work Review
  • Conduct of Remedial Classes
  • Student Counselor
  • And any other activity assigned by the College.


  • Class Work
  • Convener Bridge Course Committee
  • Member in Board of Studies Meetings(certificate course)
  • Attendance Summery
  • Conduct of Remedial Classes
  • NAAC Criterion In charge
  • Student Counselor
  • And any other activity assigned by the College.

Physics Course Outcome 2017 PDF – Download

Physics course outcome 2020-21 final PDF – Download

B. Sc – Physics PDF – Download

B.Sc Physics 2016-17 PDF – Download

Result analysis Physics PDF – Download

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