Commerce Profile

The Department Of Commerce was established during the academic year 1990 with the aim of bringing young talent in rural area in the field of Commerce with the support of philanthropic management, talent and well experienced faculty, library, seminar hall. The department is already produced many successful batches to the society

Vision :

  • To widen the student understanding and broaden the horizons of knowledge.
  • To develop moral values among  students and impart value based education.
  • Marching towards academic excellence and to face future challenges.
  • To inculcate awareness and inject self confidence and positive thinking among students.
  • To shape the students useful to the society by improving the overall personality of the student.
  • To promote the concept of “Earn While Learn” keeping in view the economic background of the student.
  • To prepare the students for various competitive examinations.

Mission :

  • student overall development of his/her personality, for enabling him/her to effectively contribute to the new vibrant society in the new environs
  • students to excel and rise as a great leaders in their closer areas of study for making a positive contribution to the nation and the world
  • the department offers instruction in subjects of study like Indian heritage and culture including beeter human and cultural values in students
S.No. Staff Details Designation Profile
 1  Y V S N MURTHY  HOD  Download
 2  K J V SATYA  Lecturer  Download