V.S.K Degree College Training and Placement Department

The Training and Placement Department of V.S.K Degree College holds a dominant position shouldering various responsibilities and running a gamut of activities intended to cater to the needs of the students. The department plays a pivotal role in locating jobs for UG and PG students by being constantly in touch with the reputed firms and industrial establishments. Equipping the students with the required technical, quantitative, verbal and behavioral skills for placements and also assisting them in terms of future academic prospects, the department relentlessly strives to channel their creative energies into what they aspire for i.e., either a professional or a researcher.

We’ve been consistently successful in maintaining high placement statistics over the years and the fact that our students bear the recession blues with impressive placements demonstrates the efficacy of the training by the on-campus as well as off-campus trainers. Our Alumni rose to be top-notch professionals setting new standards in various establishments throughout the world and it is the firm conviction of the department to do much better in the years to come. The department, with chief concentration on making the students industry-ready, offers the course titled ‘Verbal and Quantitative Aptitude’ and also another paper titled ‘Basic Coding’ in one semester and ‘Advanced Coding’ in the other on coding skills all of which are credit courses for III year students for both the semesters, and ‘English Proficiency’ for II year students in order for an overall development of skills essential for a job-seeker.

Objectives of Training & Placement Department:


  • Enriching the skills of the students to meet the industries’ recruitment process.
  • Locating employment opportunities available across the industry for the students.
  • Establishing a relationship with the corporate leaders and present brief profile of the college and invite them to conduct campus recruitment for final year engineering graduates.
  • Assisting students in developing technical knowledge, quantitative and verbal aptitude, and also arranging industry interaction programs either through outsourcing or by in-house faculty.
  • Looking for the industries those support the college in terms of providing technical support, lab establishments, and internships for PG & UG students; and enter MoU with them.
  • Motivating students aspire for higher studies and guide them to take up competitive exams such as  CAT, GRE and so on.
  • Conducting seminars on various opportunities available for higher education or research field in India and abroad.
  • Gathering constant feedback from the companies about alumni working with them and analyzing it for bettering the present training methods or curriculum.
  • Moulding the personality of the students holistically by imparting training on personality development.