Exam Evaluation


The evaluation Scheme for each course shall contain two parts:

  • Continuous Evaluation(CE)
  • End-Semester Evaluation(ESE)

25% weight shall be given for Continuous Evaluation(CE).  The remaining 75% weight shall be given for End- Semester Evaluation(ESE).

Continuous Evaluation(CE): Continuous Evaluation(CE) of a course shall be based on periodic written tests, other academic activities i.e., assignments, Seminars and Attendance.

Components of Continuous Evaluation are based on the following Criteria.

Mid Semester examination(written test) 15 Marks
Student seminar /Viva  5 Marks
Assignment  5 Marks
Group discussion/Quiz  5 marks
Field trip/Study/any learning other enhancement activity  5 Marks
                                                               Total  25 Marks


  • An average of 02 internal assessment examinations conducted will be counted for 1. Marks
  • Any above mentioned two activities be conducted for rest of 10 more marks depending on paper and lecturer.

End -Semester Evaluation(ESE):

End Semester Examinations is conducted by Adikavi Nannaya University (AKNU) for 75 Marks. Students write exams in the centers allotted for them.

The whole evaluation process is done under the management of AKNU and University declares the final result and grade for 100 marks by combining the 25 internal marks.

Appearance for Continuous Evaluation(CE) and End Semester Evaluation (ESE) are compulsory and no grade shall be awarded to a candidate if he/she is absent for CE/ESE or both. A student shall b declared to have passed the examination in a course if he/she obtains minimum D grade for the End Semester Evaluation(ESE).


Letter Grade Grade Point
O(Outstanding) 10
A+(Excellent) 9
A(Very Good) 8
B+(Good) 7
B(Above Average) 6
C(Average) 5
D(Pass) 4
Fail F
Absent Ab

Semester Grade Point Average(SGPA) indicates the performance of a student in a given semester. SGPA is based on the total credit points earned by the student in all the course and the total numbers of credits assigned to the courses in a semester.

Credit point for the paper = No.of credits assigned for the course X Grade point secured for the course 

SGPA = Total credit points earned in a semester/ Total credit for that semester.


We follow the CBCS (Choice Based Credit System) and the academic year consists of two semesters.

In the Continuous and Comprehensive Assessment (CCA) We evaluate student progress not just in internal Exams but the assessment is also done through the following aspects.

  • Attendance
  • MCQ based quizzes
  • Presentations
  • Projects
  • Field Visits
  • Seminars
  • Group discussions
  • Assignments
  • Viva-Voice etc.,