College Profile

VSK (Vabilisetty Satyanaryana Krishna Murthy) College came into existence on 1/10/1990. College has been administered by Governing Body of Pratibha Vijnana Vidya Saimithi, Bhimavaram.  The basic objective of the Samithi is that the fruits of Higher Education should reach the socially poor and the needy who are residing in and around Bhimavaram Town

The emblem symbolizes the relationship between the Master and the disciple.  The ‘Lotus’ the purest of all the flowers, suggests the disciple who ascends from the puddle of waters of ignorance to the attainment of perfection fully blossomed through the rays of the SUN suggesting the wisdom showered on him by the master through His teachings.  ‘KNOWLEDGE IS POWER’ that adorns the top of the emblem suggests that the College imparts quality education and prepare the student to meet the requirements of the industry and the society.  The ‘Book’ which is embedded at the centre of the emblem, signifies the Knowledge and Wisdom.  “VIDWAAN SARVATRA POOJYATEY” that adorns the bottom of the emblem spells that the scholar be honoured world-wide.  To accomplish the mission, the College strives hard to create an academic ambience on the campus.